Border Collie

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A Border Collie needs training and lots of it. They thrive with a job to do and are a hyper-intelligent breed whose need to work must be appropriately challenged to prevent them getting themselves into trouble. They are also sensitive dogs who need reward-based training and a way to channel their instinctive desire to please their owner.

Try and find a class who understands this breed and who offers training in agility, obedience or other canine sports. For owners who understand the requirements of this breed, they are unbeatable and will shine in every dog training class and amaze everyone with their skills and behaviour, as well as be a joy to own.

Due to their intelligence, this is an easy dog to train – but potential owners shouldn’t mistake ‘easy to train’ for naturally well behaved! By nature, the Border Collie is often a relentless herder, and so will try and round up children, other pets and indeed anything and everything they can find. A Border Collie who is not given a suitable outlet for their passion for work can resort to undesirable behaviour such as aggression, destructive behaviour, nuisance barking and be totally manic around the house.

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