שיתוף מאמר

History and Origins

Country of Origin: England

The exact origin of the Pointer dog breed is not entirely clear: whether they originate from Spanish Pointers or from Continental Pointers is uncertain. Other breed historians say that their ancestors have always been English. What is certain however is that the English Pointer, a smaller, quicker dog than the continental Pointers, dates back to the 1600s and was used to 'point' game out to hunters. This is done by finding the game and then halting and indicating its presence rather than flushing it out. These are true canine specialists – and this coupled with their gentle disposition and obedient friendly natures has made sure they have always remained popular.

מאמרים נוספים בנושא


מזון מומלץ לכלבים במודיעין

בתור בעלי כלבים אתם בוודאי רוצים לתת להם את הטוב ביותר, אך לפעמים אינכם בטוחים איזה מזון מומלץ לכלבים. ולפעמים אתם גם עשויים לתת להם