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Country of Origin: Germany

The Pomeranian was developed by reducing the size of larger spitz types through selective breeding. While this dog originated in Germany, it was developed in England to be the size we know today. The Pom came to England in the 18th century when Queen Charlotte brought her court dogs with her from Germany. At this point her dogs weighed about 9-14kgs but they still became firm favourites at court and by the 19th century turned into a favoured Victorian breed. In 1888, Queen Victoria was visiting Italy when she saw a few much smaller spitz dogs. She brought them home and crossed them with her existing dogs. Six of her dogs were shown at Crufts in 1891 (and not surprisingly, won). In the years that followed, the breed was intentionally shrunk smaller until they reached the size we know today.


Country of origin: Germany

The original Poodle is the Standard Poodle, a water retrieving dog. Their unusual haircuts were not about fashion, but rather a way for owners to make sure their dogs didn’t get waterlogged and become too heavy to swim easily in lakes. While keeping the vital organs and joints protected, much of the rest of their hair was shaved off. The Miniature and Toy Poodles were created purely as smaller versions of the original Poodle for owners who didn’t want such a large dog but were enchanted by their personalities and enthusiasm for all kinds of work.

These smaller Poodles quickly became popular and many found work in circuses thanks to their trainability, their joy of learning new tricks and their bright, happy temperaments.

The Pomapoo can have any combination of the two breeds in their appearance, behaviour and temperament.

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