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The Pug quickly developed fans around the world – especially in the courts of Europe. Queen Victoria was a fan of the breed, keeping 36 of them and indeed breeding and showing them. This passion was passed on to members of her family, including King George V and King Edward VIII.


The Beagle is the smallest of the British pack-hounds and was developed many centuries ago to hunt hare and rabbits. They were developed as ‘foot hounds’, for hunters to follow on foot rather than horse-back, hence their diminutive size when compared to larger pack hounds such as the Foxhound.

Most hounds were owned by nobility and the Beagle was no different. For a while it was known as the ‘Royal Beagle’ but the ability to be able to follow them without a horse, made them become more popular with less regal sportsmen as well. Their cheerful disposition won them many devotees from outside of the sporting field and they moved from the hunting field to the show ring with ease at the end of the 19th century. It is now one of the most popular of the hounds and a much-loved companion dog.

The Puggle can have any combination of the two breeds in their appearance, behaviour, temperament and nose length.

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