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History and Origins

Country of Origin: Persia/Middle East

The Saluki, also sometimes known as the Persian Greyhound or the Gazelle Hound, is one of the oldest breeds in the world – and some even claim that it predates ancient Egypt (hence why its precise origins are largely unknown). In ancient Egypt, the Saluki was known as the Royal Dog and was used to hunt hare, fox and gazelle by working in small packs to pursue their prey at incredible speeds before catching and holding it down until their masters caught up with them on either horse or camelback. They would also work with birds of prey who would locate gazelle.

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מזון מומלץ לכלבים במודיעין

בתור בעלי כלבים אתם בוודאי רוצים לתת להם את הטוב ביותר, אך לפעמים אינכם בטוחים איזה מזון מומלץ לכלבים. ולפעמים אתם גם עשויים לתת להם