Spanish Water Dog

שיתוף מאמר

Grooming the Spanish Water Dog takes some understanding of dog grooming in general and how their coat works. They can of course be kept clipped off all over and if you don’t mind them looking like a fluffy ball, there is no reason why you cannot keep one brushed out, much as the breed aficionados may gasp in horror! 
To keep the breed the way they were intended however, the coat is clipped off annually, never ever brushed, but instead teased into skinny cords. Special attention is paid to areas where matting will be heavier, such as behind ears, armpits, between legs, to ensure the cords there are fine and not pulling on the skin.
To dry after a bath or a swim, the dog is patted and the coat squeezed dry then left to air naturally, never ever rubbed.
Always check between paw pads for foreign bodies or mats that may rub or pull, and inside the ears.

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